Hi, I am Thu!

I am a German designer and artist based in Helsinki, Finland. I worked for two years as UX Designer at Nokia and graduated in 2020 with an M.A. in New Media Design from Aalto University.

Currently, you can find my installation “Instant Kuusi” at the Finnish Music Hall of Fame.

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As a UX/UI Designer, I believe that the foundation for good design lies in the research and understanding of the users, systems, and problems. That is why my core strengths are lying in user research and analysis when it comes to human-centered design. However, my multidisciplinary background allows me to intersect code, design, art, and new technology to explore and test with experimental interactions and designs.


User Research

The most important thing in designing is to understand the problem we are trying to solve. That is why I am determined to understand the problem. I enjoy speaking with the customers, clients, and stakeholders and creating analyses based on their processes to solve issues.



I have experience with low and high-fidelity prototyping and I am familiar with common prototyping software such as Sketch and Adobe XD. When it comes to extraordinary prototyping I am skilled in using Adobe After Effects or HTML/CSS and Javascript to simulate new interactions and designs.


UI/Visual Design

I have and a keen eye for colours and typography and try to be up to date with modern design trends. In addition, I have knowledge when working with design systems.



I believe the best design outcome is to work with other designers. Everyone has different strengths and knowledge and sharing them with each other can help to improve designs in all aspects. Besides this, a product is also teamwork with stakeholders and developers I have experience in working with them while iterating designs.

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As an artist, I combine my passion for technology and arts by exploring and researching subjective experiences and perspectives and trying to translate them through media art. Growing up in a Vietnamese household in a typical North German countryside village, I started to notice peculiarities and differences in people and cultures already as a small child. This sparked a lifelong interest in subjective experiences, and a desire to understand and communicate these personal experiences. Currently, I am researching the experience of discrimination, racism, and identity.


Artistic Research

Often I apply artistic research that outcome art is. My research does not produce art instead the art is the research itself. It is an iterative process where I reflect on my artistic experiences. 



As I work with subjective experiences I try to translate them into different media to make it more tangible such as in installation or visuals. 


Artistic Tools

My artistic tools are different media and use code and hardware to create them. 

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