Hello, I am Thu!

I have over 3+ years of experience in user experience starting from the first insights to project implementation. My focus is to create human-centered experiences to solve user needs and to explore how art, design, and technology intersect.

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User Research, User Interface Design, Augmented Reality, Unity

A project using Augmented Reality to improve maintenance tasks for an on-field worker. In this project, I designed user interfaces for Augmented Reality/Microsoft HoloLens based on user research.


User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Data Visualisation

At Nokia one of the biggest tasks was to redesign network topologies. By this complex task, I learnt to apply data visualisation with interaction design and focus on the information architecture to translate the user needs into useful UIs.


User Interface Design, Task Analysis, User Research

By applying the simulation-based method and user research we could reduce the steps to interact within the interface significantly. This helped the user overall to save time and focus on their main task.



User Interface Design. User Research and Analysis, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Based on the user research and task analysis we redesigned Fazer’s self-payment system and came up with suggestions to improve the overall customer experience.

By redesigning the interface the user can buy now their lunch quicker, get more information about the options.


User Research, User Interfaces Multimodal Interactions, Interactive Prototyping

In Outline, we investigated and designed multimodal interaction for the Microsoft Surface. To test some interactions I coded an interactive prototype with HTML/CSS and Javascript.


Virtual Reality, Unreal Engine 4, Narratives

An experience in Virtual Reality designed for Oculus Rift 2. It explores how to travel within Virtual Reality worlds without losing immersion.


Interactive Installation, Visual, Concept

An Interactive Installation that explores the story of Sibelius’ matchbox. The concept and prototype of this installation has been created within 2 days during the  Hack4Fi Hackathon in 2018. The installation reused Finnish archive material to recreate a Finnish forest and city environment. 


Artistic Research, Installation, Information Graphics

An artistic research that investigates how one poem can be translated into different media and what effects the medium has for their translation.


VJ Performance, Film, Visuals

An exploration to visualise violinist Morag Johnston’s impression while playing the violin. I created a small documentary and visuals for a VJ performance.


HTML/CSS, Javascript, Arduino, Processing

Even though I am not a developer, I have studied programming. In my free time, I use programming as a tool to create art, visuals, and web interfaces.
This skill set helps me to understand and communicate better with developers but also create interactive prototypes.

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