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Game DesignVirtual Reality

Illusive is a virtual journey between surreal worlds which gives different emotions to the traveler. The voyage to the worlds will be done by teleportation. This immersive experiment leads the viewer to different surroundings of phantasmal elements and should cause different perceptions.

This is a Virtual Reality project created with Unreal Engine 4 in collaboration with Wiebke Majowski and was created for the class “Spacial Interaction — Perception in digital Spaces” at the University of Arts and was an exhibit at the Hochschultage 2016. 
The inspiration of this work were books which imply topic of planets or traveling of different worlds but also socio-critical like “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or “Kino no Tabi” by Keiichi Sigsawa. We wanted to use this theme and add it in our project. Especially, the sentence “The world is not beautiful. Therefore it is” inspired us very much. The worlds should be thought-provoking and the passenger should decide by its own which is more beautiful considering the influence of specific emotions. 
The passenger should not be prejudiced so we created two worlds: A 'positive light' world and a negative 'dark world'. 
After the intro, you will get transported to the light world. Our aim of this world was to create a feeling of well-being,  weightlessness and be in line with the harmony. All in all, you should get a positive feeling. This feeling is emphasize by light colors pink and light blue, a cloudy surrounding and light abstract objects
At the next teleportation, you will get into a dark world and in contrast to the world before we used gray and violet colors. We wanted to that the watcher gets a mystery, dangerous and bleak atmosphere. In addition, we used geometric figures and stalagmites to get the feeling of being small, moving elements, which always go to the dark and fewer lights to give an uncertainty. At the end of this world, the passenger falls down a deep hole until he or she get back to the intro and start point and get back to the real world.


Concept, Implementation with UE, Design of the Light World

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