Code Projects

Since teenager I have self-taught myself HTML/CSS to work on my website. As I got older I learnt the basic of programming during my studies and have applied them since then for my art projects such as generative art visuals or basic web-development. 

Here are some examples where I have applied my programming skills.

Generative Art

Every now and then I create generative art and experiment with shapes

Year: 2016- now
IDE: Processing IDE, OpenFrameworks


For the switcheroo event I coded the website after receiving the designs. I create the website with HTML/CSS and bootstrap framework.  

Year: 2018



AntOnTour is a game coded with Processing (Java). In the course “Programming for designers” we were provided with the map backend for the game and should programme based on it a full game. I programmed the game mostly by myself (character controls, background, levels, particles, etc.)

Year: 2016
Tools: Processing IDE, Adobe Illustrator
Tasks: Programming, Visuals 


ChatOrgan is an exploration of the topic nomophobia (wear without being a mobile phone.

I create a data visualisation of a WhatsApp group chat during one day by using Processing. 

Each participant receive an own colour and the message size is based on the length of the text message. After creating the visuals I edited to create a poster.

In addition I create a small sculpture which reacts to the sound of the group chat. 

Year: 2016
Tools: Processing IDE, Adobe Photoshop

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