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New Media Art

Kalodoskien is a light installation, which projects geometric patterns by movements. The viewer can stand under the lamp and look up, a sensor catches the movement of it and change the pattern by rotation.

This project was produced for the bachelor group project ‘Be-greifbare Interaktionen im FabLab” with the theme interactive lamps and was an exhibit for two weeks. This work was created in collaboration with Janet Michniwiez and Helena Möller. Besides the concept part, I worked mostly for the part of the interaction and worked with Arduino.
The lamp was inspired by the typical Kaleidoskop and its pattern. The pattern itself is projected by a light source and mirrors to a canvas, which is all hidden in a self-modelled 3D-printed container. An ultrasonic sensor on the canvas checks when the viewer is moving. By movements, the Arduino starts the motor for the gear mechanism, which changes the projected pattern.




Leuchte! 26.06.2016 - 08.07.2016

In cooperation with:

Helena Möller
Janet Michniewicz