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Hack4Fi – Into the Wild Box

Into the Wild Box is an interactive installation inspired by the matchbox Jean Sibelius used to keep with him when he traveled outside of Ainola. The matchbox contained moss and other bits of forest, so that he could be transported back to his favourite place by smelling the contents, wherever he was.


In our installation, the room itself becomes the matchbox. Inside the room there's an actual matchbox, which contains a micro controller that senses how open it is. When this box is closed, the wall projections and sounds represent busy city life during Sibelius' time, but when it's opened the ceiling projection also opens, letting nature in, and the wall projection and sounds transform into a forest atmosphere. We can also hear the composition for piano, Spruce, playing. When the box is closed, it sounds like the piano is muffled, playing outside the box, but when it's opened, the sound becomes stronger and clearer.


The forest was created by remixing nature paintings by Finnish Artists, which were retrieved from the Finnish National Gallery archives. For video material and natural and city sounds we used YleArkisto materials and for the piano recordings material provided by Yle.


This whole installation is created within the hackathon Hack4Fi during three days and the prototype is still under develop for the future.

In cooperation with:

Valtteri Wikström